Port Ellen

6th Release, Aged 27 Years

ABV 54.2%
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Brand: Port Ellen
Expression: 6th Release, Aged 27 Years
Type: Scotland Whisky / Single Malt
Age: 27 years old
Year of bottling: 2006
ABV: 54.2%
Country/Region: Scotland / Islay
Bottling type: Standard (Distillery or blended)
Issue 64
Tasting notes
Taster   Arthur Motley
Nose: Watermelon, lemon pith and rind. Hot sauna wood, dry haystacks and wet woodsmoke. Coastal, with the smell of fish on the breeze.
Palate: Sweet, smoky with wood cutting through a thick texture. Apple sauce, tar and lemon notes are over-lain but a persistent smoky undcurrent.
Finish: A complex and long-lasting finish that is a combination of fizzy, earthy and spicy.
Comment: Took a while and a bit of water to open up so don't rush it.
Taster   Dave Broom
Nose: Restrained and salty linseed. Slightly skeletal and needs time to open which puts some flesh on the bones, as does a decent splash of water. Cod liver oil, juniper/pine. Medicinal. Deep Heat rub.
Palate: Oily and smoky. Direct and open faced. Feisty and slightly, aggressive. Hot reminiscent of wasabi on sashimi.
Finish: Seashell, prickly.
Comment: Takes no prisoners.
Visit the distillery
Port Ellen (Closed 1983) Distillery, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay , Islay, Scotland
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