The BenRiach

Temporis 21 Years Old

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Brand: The BenRiach
Expression: Temporis 21 Years Old
Type: Scotland Whisky / Single Malt
Age: 21 years old
ABV: 46%
Country/Region: Scotland / Speyside
Bottling type: Standard (Distillery or blended)
Tasting notes
Taster   Rob Allanson
Nose: A little peat hit up front, really sweet smoke to it. Almost leaf mulch, cornflakes with almond milk. Cider poached pears. Peat grows, becoming wood fires, flatbread cooking on a hot skillet.
Palate: Big sweetness, smoked venison and fatty bacon. Lots of milk chocolate and smoked black tea. Hot smoked salmon slices.
Finish: Medicinal smoke builds, with underlying barley sweetness.
Comment: Glorious stuff. Lovely integration of peat and sweetness. Certainly one to bring in a hip flask for a long forest walk.
Taster   Sam Coyne
Nose: Deep smoke. Really savoury and almost wooded. You've just inhaled a load of bonfire. A mulch vegetal note. Some more wet earth. Liquorice dwells.
Palate: More of that ashen smoke comes to the fore, wrapping up hints of white fruit. A cured, salted ham note finishes the palate off.
Finish: Lingers with a smokey, yet satisfying intent. Fills the mouth.
Comment: A little bit of intrigue on the palate, although it doesn't quite take off. Would be an excellent intro to smokier whiskies.
Visit the distillery
The BenRiach Company Distillery, Longmorn, Elgin, Moray, Speyside, Scotland
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