The Lonach Collection

Glen Grant

31 Years Old

ABV 42.4%
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Brand: Glen Grant, Duncan Taylor, The Lonach Collection
Expression: 31 Years Old
Type: Scotland Whisky / Single Malt
Age: 31 years old
Year of bottling: 2005
ABV: 42.4%
Country/Region: Scotland / Speyside
Bottling type: Independent Bottling
Bottled by: Duncan Taylor
Tasting notes
Taster   Arthur Motley
Nose: Fruity, with apples and fresh peaches. Something vaguely minty, like Mojo sweets or mint toffees. Grassy, with vanilla in the background too.
Palate: Was expecting more sweetness, but there is a balancing bitterness along with the toffee, mint and grass.
Finish: Brown toast and biscuits.
Comment: A typical and classic aged Speyside, which still has balance between spirit and wood.
Taster   Michael Jackson
Nose: Has to be coaxed out, but eventually ripe red apples, followed by gentle red fruit tartness.
Palate: Assaults the palate. Creamy but bitter. Everton mints. Sweeter with water. Popcorn?
Finish: Oily, alcoholic, with fennel or even aniseed notes. Slightly phenolic with water.
Comment: A reticent nose is completely eclipsed by a huge but uncomplicated palate. Benefits greatly from water.
Visit the distillery
Glen Grant Distillery, Elgin Road, Rothes, Moray, Speyside, Scotland
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