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ABV 50.4%
REVIEWED Issue 169
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Brand: Strathclyde, Duncan Taylor
Expression: Strathclyde
Type: Scotland Whisky / Single Malt
Age: No Age Statement
ABV: 50.4%
Country/Region: Scotland / Lowland
Bottling type: Independent Bottling
Bottled by: Duncan Taylor
Tasting notes
Taster   Rob Allanson
Nose: Like diving into a pile of dry leaves, the earthiness of a potting shed, turned soil and then poached pears, sherry soaked raisins and Eccles cakes.
Palate: Sweet and oily, buttered fruit toast, marmalade, strawberry jam and a little cream. There’s something vegetal here too, that earthiness, prune juice, fresh figs and ham.
Finish: Dries with plenty of those sherry-soaked raisins and sugar-coated almonds too.
Comment: Straight into the autumns of my childhood here, sweeping leaves and digging potatoes.
Taster   Becky Paskin
Nose: Distinctly sherried, with the aroma of rubber, baking spice, sweet fortified wine and marzipan too.
Palate: Thick, sweet and winey. Rich fruitcake smothered in marzipan and doused in sherry. The intense sweet wine subsides a little, allowing some spice and baked fruits to emerge. Things take a rubbery turn with water.
Finish: All sherry sweetness, some nuts and dried currants, but a little flat.
Comment: Great if you love sherry, but for me the cask is far too dominant here.
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