The Pogues

Single Malt Irish Whiskey

ABV 40%
REVIEWED Issue 165
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Brand: Halewood Artisanal Spirits
Expression: Single Malt Irish Whiskey
Type: Republic of Ireland Whisky / Single Malt
Age: No Age Statement
ABV: 40%
Country/Region: Republic of Ireland
Bottling type: Standard (Distillery or blended)
Tasting notes
Taster   Lyndsey Gray
Nose: Lemon and raspberry marshmallow with Marmite and dried mango. Hot porridge made with sweetened almond milk and served up with Malted Milk biscuits and cranberries.
Palate: Malty with toasted oats, barley sugars and milk chocolate Hobnobs. Add yoghurt-covered peanuts. Essences of olives and feta, sautéed mushrooms and kaffir lime leaves.
Finish: Burnt wood shavings, parmesan and saddle leather appears to lengthen the finish.
Comment: If you could bottle the essence of what umami truly is.
Taster   Rob Allanson
Nose: Vanilla slices, flaky layers of pastry then more cream and chocolate. A little rubbery hit, pencil erasers, baby powder, wood shavings and a little nutmeg spice.
Palate: A little flat after a decent nose. Cherry pie, brown sugar and hits of spices, cinnamon to the front.
Finish: That pencil eraser note takes hold with toasted oak, then everything dries slowly leaving a little sweetness too.
Comment: The palate was a surprise after the promise of the nose, but then it all picked back up at the finish.
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