Wemyss Malts

Batch Strength

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Brand: Peat Chimney, Wemyss Malts
Expression: Batch Strength
Type: Scotland Whisky / Blended Malt
Age: No Age Statement
Year of bottling: 2017
ABV: 57%
Country/Region: Scotland
Bottling type: Independent Bottling
Tasting notes
Taster   Laura Foster
Nose: There may be some smoke in the back, showing in antiseptic, coal and creosote, mixed in with vanilla ice cream. A wet dog rests on a path of wet slate, chewing on a tube of mint toothpaste.
Palate: Silky then chewy; sweet and smoky. Caramel and butterscotch mix with hickory smoke, before a tarry character overtakes everything alongside a numbing Szechuan pepper heat.
Finish: Puffs of smoke from my lungs whilst on a sand dune, enjoying vanilla fudge.
Comment: Brash and ballsy – for peat freaks.
Taster   Rob Allanson
Nose: Farmyard, wet straw and horses, goat's cheese and honey. Fruit, apple compote, fresh baked sourdough bread, wrapped in a wonderful smoke laden blanket.
Palate: Burnt ends (a good thing), sweet BBQ marinated lamb, almost tamarind, then the smoke. Wood and coal mix, sweet and mineral at the same time.
Finish: Brief and full of smoke. Dried, leaving a syrup waffle note.
Comment: Water ramps up the sweetness with this and tames that alcohol prickle.
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