ABV 45%
REVIEWED Issue 130
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Brand: Glacier Distilling, Wheatfish Whiskey
Expression: Whiskey
Type: USA Whisky / Wheat
Age: No Age Statement
Year of bottling: 2015
ABV: 45%
Country/Region: USA
Bottling type: Standard (Distillery or blended)
Tasting notes
Taster   Chris Goodrum
Nose: Estery – pineapple chunks, apricot, pear and melon with hints of earth / dunnage, toffee, crème caramel and with time wheat / bran flakes.
Palate: Not as fruity as the nose, more of the oily, toasted toffee. Good depth and density of apricot, banana and unsweetened pineapple. Gently spicy and malty on the middle, herbal rye notes and wheat flakes.
Finish: It shows its youth on the finish with a slightly astringent spirit note. The toffee sweetness balances.
Comment: Quite unique and unlike any other wheat whisky I’ve tasted. Almost Irish in style and character.
Taster   Charles Montanaro
Nose: Light and joyful, a little too much solvent for my taste. Citrusy and zesty with a light saw dust nose.
Palate: A little disappointing. Honey and vanilla, very little aging and a touch bitter. A hint of orange and toffee.
Finish: Abrasive, very little there.
Comment: Unsure where it sits in the category. A lack of ageing, and I struggle to identify its identity and character.
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