The Yamazaki

Aged 12 Years

ABV 43%
REVIEWED Issue 13, Issue 26, Issue 56, Issue 64
Brand: The Yamazaki
Expression: Aged 12 Years
Type: Japan Whisky / Single Malt
Age: 12 years old
ABV: 43%
Country/Region: Japan
Bottling type: Standard (Distillery or blended)
Visit the distillery
Yamazaki Distillery, 5-2-1 Yamazaki, Shimamoto-cho, Mishima-gun, Osaka, , Japan
Taster   Michael Jackson
Nose: Flowery. Fresh herbs. Biscuity.
Palate: Lightly clean and sweet. Honeyed. Intense.
Finish: Burst of concentrated perfumy sweetness, balanced by cereal-grain notes and Japanese oak.
Comment: A pioneering malt in Japan, for which Suntory deserve great credit. In its early days, it was rounded and delicate, as though wary of offending anyone. Now it is more intense, confident and elegant.
Taster   Martine Nouet
Nose: Floral and nutty. Freesia. Fresh crushed almonds. Beeswax. Touch of damp earth. Pear drop. Ripe banana.
Palate: Velvety, coating. Pleasant fruity profile. William pears. Mashed banana with a touch of demerara sugar. Sweet liquorice.
Finish: Medium length. Clean, fruity.
Comment: An open and conversational whisky. Does not boast complexity but has a vibrant fruity aromatic profile. Tastes stronger than 43%.
Taster   Michael Jackson
Nose: Sweet, malty, flowery.
Palate: Crisp. Grassy. Almost herbal.
Finish: Long, perfumy. Parma violet sweets? Becoming drier. Slightly biscuity.
Comment: This was a pioneering malt in Japan, for which Suntory deserve great credit.
Taster   Dave Broom
Nose: Citric, with touches of flowers (freesia, lilac, apple blossom) and light esters: pineapple. Some softer fruits as well. Very clean.
Palate: Better than the nose with real mid palate sweetness. Very spicy: nutmeg, long pepper, alongside some light lemon sherbert. In time it gets slightly richer: coconut and brown sugar.
Finish: Medium length. Soft fruits.
Comment: A session whisky which is better on the palate than the nose.
Taster   Dave Broom
Nose: Clean and crisp: dried herb, oak, nuts and slightly dusty malt.
Palate: A sweet start, some light smoky notes. Well-rounded with a dense, fruity mid-palate, though a little firm on the sides of the mouth.
Finish: Rich Tea biscuits, dried fruit and nut.
Comment: Well made. An honest citizen.
Taster   Jim Murray
Nose: Finely balanced; with assorted citrus notes.
Palate: Warming to the point of spicy. Lots of custardy vanilla and butterscotch.
Finish: Thinly textured. Disappointing.
Comment: Impressive nose and excellent body is undone slightly by the untidy finish.
Taster   Martine Nouet
Nose: Prickly at first but soon softening on fruity notes. Apples and pineapple in caramel. Creamy. Rhubarb flan. Blancmange.
Palate: Very sweet. A bit too soft. Then oak has its grip. But the appetising fruity basket of the nose is hidden in the oak cupboard!
Finish: Sweet with a bitter grip spicy aftertaste.
Comment: The palate does not keep what the nose promises. Disappointing. Sweetness does not make up for flavour.
Taster   Dave Broom
Nose: Broad and quite sweet, reminiscent of roasting sweetcorn. Vanilla, spice, dried citrus peels, tomato leaf. On top, there's light freesia blossom. Cigar box.
Palate: Quite long and deepens in the middle into peach and a little sultana.
Finish: Ginger biscuits.
Comment: Yamazaki needs time and 12 years ain't enough.
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