Edinburgh Whisky

Edinburgh Whisky

Highland Park

ABV 46%

Made sloe gin recently? Try this alongside it as a chaser!

Joel Harrison


Edinburgh Whisky

The Library Collection


Highland Park


Single Malt


No age statement

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Tasting Notes

Joel Harrison


Nose: Freshly cut straw, travel sweets, dried pineapple slices and honey. The nose is sweet but not sickly; well balanced and inviting.\n

Palate: A good melody of flavour here with blueberry and stewed summer fruits. \nSome element of blackcurrant lozenges and sloe berries. \n

Finish: A bit more sweetness in the finish, with a greater focus on the sloe berry elements.

Comment: Made sloe gin recently? Try this alongside it as a chaser!

Score: 8.6

Chris Goodrum


Nose: Seriously perfumed and fruity, like a Sauvignon / Viognier cross. Hugely estery, pineapple and fresh wood shavings. Settles down to show a touch of barley and toffee but still very perfumed.

Palate: More restrained but the estery, grassy exotic fruit barrels through. A little more barley, but the fruit and vanilla explodes all over the place!\n

Finish: A little short and exceedingly bitter as the oak grips hard, but at the end there is no subduing that fruit.\n

Comment: An impressive spirit but far too perfumed for more than one glass.

Score: 8.3

Overall Score

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