The Arran Malt

The Arran Malt

18 Years Old

ABV 46%

An oddly balanced whisky which works on some levels but not on others.

Joel Harrison


The Arran Malt


18 Years Old


Single Malt



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Joel Harrison


Nose: Toffee and vanilla are at the forefront for this direct whisky, with some pork crackling, sea salt and earthy patchouli tones. A hint of red grapes after a while too.

Palate: A big and oily palate which gives cherry cola cubes, liquorice, basil and bitter lemon. There is almost a hops note like a big IPA.\n

Finish: The bitter hop note works well with the salty-sweetness hidden in the background. \n

Comment: An oddly balanced whisky which works on some levels but not on others.

Score: 7.9

Chris Goodrum


Nose: Full, rich and sherried with hints of earth, brine, dusty peat and plenty of leafy Oloroso. Balanced, with floral barley and honey which can be discerned amongst the coffeed prune and walnut.

Palate: A little homogenous and sherry blanketed. Hints of peat and dark chocolate come through along with a touch of spice and bitterness from the oak. \n

Finish: Long – a lovely intensity of sherry spices and bitter chocolate. \n

Comment: It’s a pity that the palate didn’t display the balance of the nose. Good, clean sherry though.

Score: 7.9

Overall Score

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