Berrys' Own Selection

Berrys' Own Selection

Glen Garioch Distillery

1989, 26 Years Old, Cask #7856

ABV 54.6%

If the palate was as exuberant as the nose then this would have been exceptional.

Chris Goodrum


Berrys' Own Selection

Berry Bros. & Rudd


1989, 26 Years Old, Cask #7856


Single Malt



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Chris Goodrum


Nose: Soft, macerated apricot, melon and banana, along with sweet barley and a vanilla sheen. Hints of lime appear and there are charred oak notes in \r\nthe background.

Palate: Opens with malt biscuits and heavily oiled fruit. Dense, but unctuous and smooth with a touch of mature oak. However, it’s the layers of oily fruit that take centre stage.

Finish: Long and crisper as the granite and citrus notes arrive, a fleeting hint of peat smoke.

Comment: If the palate was as exuberant as the nose then this would have been exceptional.

Score: 8.9

Joel Harrison


Nose: The first calling card here is a hint of smoke, which sets the scene for a bed of tropical fruits and vanillas. Appetising and rounded with a hint of age.

Palate: The smoke plays the main role on the palate here, but it is not aggressive island smoke, more mossy style smoke. Behind it is vanilla and oak spice.

Finish: A full flavour where the smoke explodes more.

Comment: One of the better mainland smoked whiskies I’ve had. Not quite a vintage Brora, certainly a nod in the right direction.

Score: 9

Overall Score

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