Ben Bracken

Ben Bracken

Highland Single Malt

ABV 40%

Very approachable, and admirable layers.

Mark Newton


Highland Single Malt


Single Malt


No age statement

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Independent Bottling

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Tasting Notes

Mark Newton


Nose: Tropical! Mango and pineapple, fresh strawberries. Smoothie. Baked apples, heather honey, slight hints of lavender. Golden syrup, dried apricots.

Palate: Lovely and rounded. Velvety fudge with caramel, fresh oranges, apples, milk chocolate and cinnamon. Creamy, with traces of Chardonnay. Buttery and oily once the fruits fade.

Finish: Short, oily, with the Chardonnay and apples making themselves known. Warming at the end.

Comment: Very approachable, and admirable layers.

Score: 7.8

Rob Allanson


Nose: Like hovering over a fruit salad, complete with those glacé cherries and top of the milk cream. Raspberries and brown sugar. A little white pepper. Agave syrup and the juice from tinned strawberries.

Palate: More fruit than anything else. Paw Paw, mango, ripe banana, dried apricots and plenty of honey. A hint of melted butter just at the end.

Finish: Lingers a little with a touch of oak and poached fruits.

Comment: Simple, pleasing and just lacks a little punch. Still well worth a look.

Score: 7.6

Overall Score

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