Cask Strength Vintage 2009 Batch 4

ABV 57.2%

Complex, fruity and one that I want to take on a date to really get to know.

Phoebe Calver


Cask Strength Vintage 2009 Batch 4


Single Malt


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Phoebe Calver


Nose: A slightly medicinal waft that turns into sweet bonfire, scraped-out vanilla pods and the sugary crust of a crème brûleé. Ripe fig and fresh strawberries.

Palate: Deliciously complex. The fig remains, with dark berry compote drizzled over light, fluffy meringue. A little salty pork on the barbeque, pineapple slices, and a touch of yeast, like the initial kneading of bread.

Finish: Figs and vanilla pod creaminess with a hint of spice.

Comment: Complex, fruity and one that I want to take on a date to really get to know.

Score: 8.5

Christopher Coates


Nose: Bramble jam, sour plums, black cherries. A little funk. Brown bread, yeastiness, natural yoghurt, engine oil and dried mango. Subtle citrus, key lime pie and pink grapefruit, with a little over-ripe banana.

Palate: Complex and well integrated. Pie pastry (with a burned edge) and citrus fruits with pomelo, spearmint and more yoghurt funk. Plenty of dried tropical fruits and gentle anise.

Finish: Long and complex, with more dried tropical fruits.

Comment: Just enough funk to show real maturity, but still plenty of fruity spirit character.

Score: 8.7

Overall Score

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