Black Bull

Black Bull

Black Bull Peated Edition

ABV 50%

Something to warm you in the winter months.

Rob Allanson


Black Bull Peated Edition




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Rob Allanson


Nose: A really lovely mix of fruit sweet and saline smoke notes. Sea salt caramel bars with plenty of mixed dried fruit in them. Malt extract and earthy tones.

Palate: Keeps that mix of sweet and salty savouriness going with salted caramel apples, honey roasted nuts and candied peel. There’s also earthy, treacle-like dates as well that highlight the peaty edge going on here.

Finish: The peat fire heats up with a little chilli prickle and then salt-laden sweetness.

Comment: Something to warm you in the winter months.

Score: 7.9

Christopher Coates


Nose: Gentle iodine, seaside brine and motor oil. Wood smoke and, under that, lots of green apple, cut grass and pear drop.

Palate: A lovely interplay between peat and sweet fruits. Light on the palate, but full of flavour. The medicinal notes are joined by anise and vanilla, plus more of those orchard fruits and caramel chews.

Finish: Sweet and gently smoky. Medium length.

Comment: Relatively simple flavours, but all nicely balanced and well integrated. The result is a tasty drop.

Score: 7.7

Overall Score

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