Compass Box

Compass Box

The Lost Blend

ABV 46%

Bottled in the nick of time. Any longer in the cask and the oak would dominate.

Chris Goodrum


Compass Box


The Lost Blend


Blended Malt


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Chris Goodrum


Nose: Floral honey apple and apricot. Medicinal peat runs through it and accentuates! With time a touch of crunchy, sugar coated barley and dusty, toffeed oak emerges.

Palate: Fuller and grittier than the nose, stout tannic spices on show. Mature honey, the oak really comes through on the middle. The barley and fruitiness of the spirit just about balance that.

Finish: Very long and citric. Quite mouth-watering with light peat and violets. A little drying and salty. That’s an intense finale!

Comment: Bottled in the nick of time. Any longer in the cask and the oak would dominate.

Score: 8.9

Sara Smith


Nose: Light, organic peat smoke, wet wool, smoked ham, and even a little smoked haddock. Unexpected, but lovely!

Palate: A good profile, its warmth quickly increases, and its flavours flow slowly and smoothly across the palate. Rich, slightly bitter leafiness, chili pepper, smoked ham.

Finish: An echo of the peat from the palate, \nbut this develops into rich, sweet wood, marigold, and a comforting mustiness.

Comment: Lots of flavour, but not overwhelming, a great whisky to explore neat and introduce people to smoky whiskies.

Score: 8

Overall Score

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