Copperworks Distilling

Copperworks Distilling

Release No. 042

ABV 51%

YUM. Already looking forward to another glass of this.

Phoebe Calver


Release No. 042


Single Malt


No age statement

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Tasting Notes

Phoebe Calver


Nose: Rich sticky toffee pudding, chunks of dates and barrel-aged maple syrup. BBQ’d orange segments, cinnamon and a dusting of nutmeg. Some orchard fruits with pear, and an oily cloth.

Palate: Rich mouthfeel but relatively drying, bringing amber and sandalwood, with pear drops and nutmeg. Sweet green apple skins and vanilla custard, before heather honey on sourdough bread.

Finish: Bringing that warmth, leaving you with crunchy honey nut cereal.

Comment: YUM. Already looking forward to another glass of this.

Score: 9.1

Christopher Coates


Nose: Coffee cream liqueur chocolates. Intense passionfruit, peaches in syrup and lychee. Cedarwood and black cherry jam. Bramble crumble with cinnamon and custard. Sage and tarragon.

Palate: Medium. A medley of intense, very ripe tropical fruit and stone fruit, like on the nose. Mouth-watering and cordial-like. Some sumac and spicy ginger and nutmeg notes. Chewy toffee and anise, too. Retronasally, cedar.

Finish: Long. The passionfruit dries out leaving subtle menthol cooling.

Comment: A superbly constructed malt.

Score: 8.6

Overall Score

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