House of Hazelwood

House of Hazelwood

A Breath of Fresh Air

ABV 46.4%

Reviewed Issue 188

Everything one could want from a really, really old whisky. Superb.

Christopher Coates


House of Hazelwood


House of Hazelwood


A Breath of Fresh Air


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Tasting Notes

Christopher Coates


Nose: Intense dried pineapple, jasmine green tea, lychee, furniture polish, dried rose petals, walnuts, mahogany, muscovado, and Averna amaro. Dark chocolate, anise, tomato skins, sage and subtle menthol. Faint orange blossom water.

Palate: Medium. Dried mango and pineapple, five spice, cinder toffee, chicory, lemon meringue pie, caramel chews, apple pie, brown sugar, cinnamon, ripe tomato, coffee cream chocolates, and umeshu.

Finish: Medium-long. Toffee and plum.

Comment: Everything one could want from a really, really old whisky. Superb.

Score: 9.1

Phoebe Calver


Nose: A lovely herbal beginning, with sage and toffee. It’s bright with fresh wild flowers. A hint of citrus zest and a tropical fruit punch bowl with pineapple and mango chunks.

Palate: More of the herbal minty note appears, almost moving into mint choc chip ice cream. Dried orange segments and ginger spice.

Finish: Things dry out on the finish, with a hint of the fresh, herbal mint.

Comment: A light and refreshing sip. It would be lovely lengthened out in a highball, too.

Score: 8.7

Overall Score

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