Isle of Arran Distillery

Isle of Arran Distillery

Smugglers' Series Vol.1 'The Illicit Stills'

ABV 56.4%

A wonderful whisky with the right balance of age, smoke, spices and fruits.

Joel Harrison


The Arran Malt


Smugglers' Series Vol.1 'The Illicit Stills'


Single Malt


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Joel Harrison


Nose: Rich syrupy flapjack, a layer of dark chocolate half melting, and place this by the embers of an open fire where the oak smoke is wafting from the hearth. Fantastically layered, balanced and complex.\n

Palate: The smoke takes a moment to appear, worn by the oak spice as a delicate lace jacket. Tropical fruits – mango and passion fruit given the stage, and then a hint of black cherry before the smoke wafts in again.\n

Finish: Some smoke, a hint of nutmeg and finally vanilla pods at the end.\n

Comment: A wonderful whisky with the right balance of age, smoke, spices and fruits.

Score: 9.3

Chris Goodrum


Nose: Chunky coffee, malt and orange boiled sweets. Baked fruit, barley and light spice with herbal accented peat, coastal notes. With water it is pleasantly juicy with more orange fruit, barley and vanilla oak. Still quite malty though.\n

Palate: Tannic. Winey with brine and earthy, sweet peat. Woody and a little gritty, coffeed on the middle but the honey and toffee counter. Water sweetens, barley and creamy oak appear.\n

Finish: Good length if a little masked with herbal and spicy notes lingering. Fruitier with water.\n

Comment: A big, malty dram that needs some water to assess.

Score: 8.3

Overall Score

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