Paul John

Paul John

Single Cask #1444, Indian Single Malt

ABV 59.7%

Wow, this has come out of left field. Is it made from some kind of multi-grain mash?

Chris Goodrum


Paul John


Single Cask #1444, Indian Single Malt


Single Malt



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Chris Goodrum


Nose: Woody and spicy with thick malt. Quite herbal with dark wheat, hops, young and herbal rye-like notes. Biscuit with hints of honey, green apples and a grainy note. Complex and intense, a light vanilla oak note.

Palate: Sweet barley, malt, herbs and digestive biscuits and masking alcohol. Water makes it maltier and brings out hints of wheat, treacle and herbs. \n

Finish: Mouth-watering and intense with the herbal notes out distancing the alcohol. \n

Comment: Wow, this has come out of left field. Is it made from some kind of multi-grain mash?

Score: 9

Sara Smith


Nose: Young, green wood, honey, marzipan, the pepperiness of rocket, and a dry, smooth note that reminds me of fresh, uncooked pasta.\n

Palate: Grain, puffed rice, and lovely warm, spiced honey. Well-integrated flavours, lots of good cereal notes. This is warming and dry, although the honey notes suggest a sweetness that isn’t felt on the palate. \n

Finish: Lovely dry notes of wood, honey, and vanilla, that combine to form a note of amaretti biscuit.\n

Comment: A high strength whisky with a building warmth, but no burn. A fine array of indulgent flavours, but is thankfully not too rich.

Score: 7.7

Overall Score

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