The Quiet Man “An Fear Ciuin”

The Quiet Man “An Fear Ciuin”

8 Years Old

ABV 40%

Lots of potential for this Irish Whiskey.

Chris Goodrum


The Quiet Man


8 Years Old


Single Malt



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Northern Ireland


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Tasting Notes

Chris Goodrum


Nose: On the one hand, it’s lightly estery and slightly soapy, but on the other it’s edgy and grainy with green apple, pineapple, apricot and bolstering creamy oak. With time hints of dunnage.

Palate: A little underpowered and watery. Straightforward with hints of honey, apricot, earth and creamy oak. A little grassy note adds balance, but the oak begins to dominate.

Finish: Good length with some light buzzy spices amid the toffeed oak.

Comment: Lots of potential for this Irish Whiskey.

Score: 7.8

Joel Harrison


Nose: Another offering with an inviting but slightly too easy nose. Orange juice, white grapes, pine. There isn’t a lot going on but it will win a lot of friends.

Palate: So easy to drink. Could be a dangerous bottle in your collection. The simple aromas that are found in the nose appear on the palate and it slips down a treat.

Finish: Guess what? Nothing bad going on, but nothing remarkable either. Same flavours again. Sit back and pour yourself another.

Comment: Utterly consistent from start to finish, this is one to enjoy with friends just getting into whisky.

Score: 8.8

Overall Score

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