Virginia Distillery Co.

Virginia Distillery Co.

Cider Cask Finished, Virginia-Highland Whisky

ABV 46%

One for the sweet toothed, but has great balance to it.

Rob Allanson


Virginia Distillery Co.


Virginia Distillery Co.


Cider Cask Finished, Virginia-Highland Whisky


Single Malt


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Rob Allanson


Nose: Opens up with lots of sugar sweetness. Spun sugar from the fairground, key lime pie, vanilla and toffee ice cream, then a gentle herbal note.

Palate: Almond and apricot croissants, white chocolate buttons and blood orange peel. Preserved lemons and dried herbs. A creaminess develops, layered with strawberry jam and a heady floral sweet note.

Finish: Lingers on for quite a while with all that sweetness coating but not cloying.

Comment: One for the sweet toothed, but has great balance to it.

Score: 8.2

Becky Paskin


Nose: Delicate and shy aside from decadent, creamy lemon meringue pie and cut grass.

Palate: A dainty bite of that lemon pie lined with buttery, flaky pastry. The oak is gentle in its deliverance of a touch of char and toasted coconut. It never overcomes the light citrus and orchard fruits, married here with buttercup, sweet hay and cut grass.

Finish: Sweet and long, full of ripe orchard fruit.

Comment: Lovely and delicate, one for sipping over ice on summer days or in a Highball with soda water.

Score: 9

Overall Score

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