Wemyss Malts

Wemyss Malts

Peat Chimney

ABV 46%

Well balanced but there’s not too much complexity.

Phoebe Calver


Peat Chimney


Blended Malt


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Tasting Notes

Phoebe Calver


Nose: Pickled onion, lemon drizzle cake icing with lemon zest, Greek yoghurt, damp embers, fresh peach and chopped banana, yeasty bread dough.

Palate: Okay that’s peat. It’s damp and delicate. More of that yeasty note, it’s sweet with more of the icing sugar and Greek yoghurt. Then quite warm and drying with dry ginger spice. Peaches in syrup and a hint of burnt toast.

Finish: Drying with that ginger spice and yeastiness on a medium to short finish.

Comment: Well balanced but there’s not too much complexity.

Score: 7.5

Christopher Coates


Nose: Not a run-of-the-mill blended malt. Sour sweets and citra-hopped beer. Yeasty, with grapefruit. Pickled onion and English mustard. Smoked apple and a little ashy. Top notes of pear drop.

Palate: Medium body. The pear drop and smoked green apples are back, with some vanilla and honeydew melon. Sultana makes an appearance too.

Finish: Short, with more melon and vanilla.

Comment: Refreshing and well-integrated but quite simple in its flavours.

Score: 7.3

Overall Score

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