Wemyss Malts

Wemyss Malts

ABV 46%

When it opens out it doesn’t stop. Give it time and it will reward you.

Rob Allanson


Wemyss Malts


Wemyss Malts


Blended Malt


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Rob Allanson


Nose: Very shy, takes its time to open, but then you get bags of fruits, orange and lemons and a sharp tang of red currants. Black treacle too and an earthy note – a fresh ploughed field on the drive to work.

Palate: Huge rich and juicy straight off. All the fruits are here, orange, cherry, blueberries and a little cider edge too. There oak is here, creamy vanilla and roasted vanilla seeds.

Finish: The oak makes itself know, a little drying with dark fruits.

Comment: When it opens out it doesn’t stop. Give it time and it will reward you.

Score: 8.3

Sam Coyne


Nose: Fruit salad! Melon balls, pineapple chunks (other shapes are available) and sugar syrup. Fresh dough.

Palate: Lemon zest, marzipane and cherry and a vegetal mint note. Moves to something a little more candied – foam banana sweets? A drying oak wraps things up.

Finish: Drying oak loiters, before blueberries and brown sugar.

Comment: Lots of lots of fruit. A least six or seven of your five-a-day! Oak balances this nicely, but might be a little too fruity for some folks.

Score: 8

Overall Score

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